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  Bringing Drone Technology to U. S. Construction, Farms, Ranches, Forestry Operations,
Governments, Education, Wildlife Management & Conservation, Business, and Industry

  Unmanned Aerial Systems and Applied Drone Technology Consultants 
  Consulting services are delivered through face-to-face meetings and the Internet.

Special Topics:
  Drone Technology-
Ground School Preparation for FAA Exam- -
Tips on Buying Drones-
How to Collect Information With Drones-
How to Interpret and Use Information Collected by Drones-
Synchronize Images With Google Earth Pro-
Future Potential of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Industry-
Legal Aspects of Unmanned Aircraft Systems--
Safety and Security-
Staying Legal- -
Privacy Policies-
Introduction to Different Types of Drones-
Increasing Human Potential in UAS- Innovation -
All FAA guidelines are followed.

Study  Data Capture Techniques

Lift Off

  "Night Hawk"
Scouting and Imaging During Twilight

Tilly Hi Tech

  Data Capture, Collection, Analysis, & Interpretation

Survey and Reconnaissance Exercise over
 Farmland with  With " TillyHawk1" *


In our seminars we educate clients in existing procedures and developing techniques to use drones safely and efficiently.

Imaging for Real-Estate Sales


       Aerial Image of  Gopher-Tortoise Habitat #2 on Tanners' Farms  (lower left corner - 1)
& Logging Operations
( 2 & 3) ... "Click" Link Below to Meet Our Chief Gopher-Tortoise

Habitat #2


"Click" to view our Chief Gopher-Tortoise at Habitat #2


Tanner UAS
Consultants -
A Unit
of  the Tanner Forecasting
and Planning Groups

*All images of flying drones on this site were collected in recreational flights over properties owned by
 Tanners' Farms.          

Images From "TillyHawk1"
Habitat #1 (Green Area on Left) Adjacent to Logging Operation_ Fall_2015


Drone Images Facilitate Management of Logging Operations


  Future Plans for This Internet Site:

 On this Internet page we will be highlighting images showing conservation activities including reforestation of these sites with long leaf pines and gopher-tortoise habitat enhancement.  All Images are made with TillyHawk Drone Systems & wildlife cameras - A funded Project in Cooperation With Tanners' Farms, the USDA and
the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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