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Forecasting Student Population

The TPEG will contract with a school system, a planning agency, or a state to develop  5, 10, or up to 50-year student population forecasts.  Forecasts may be developed by grade level by school, and/or system and state level. 

If a client prefers to "make the forecasts themselves", then the we will bring a Student Population Forecasting Workshop to their organization.  We will work with either one person or a small group of planners, assistant superintendents, board members, the superintendent, and principals.  In this workshop we teach each participant how to develop, adjust and customize a forecasting model for the school district, region, or the state.  We issue each workshop participant an electronic version of the basic forecasting models.  The price for this service is $500.00 per person payable on the day of the workshop, and $1,375.00 in advance for travel and materials.


  • The Concept of Forecasting Student Population.
  • Reasons for making a 5 - year student population forecast.
  • Where are the data?
  • How much data do I need to complete a reliable forecast?
  • How valuable are density maps?
  • Do we need GIS data?
  • What do you want out of a forecast?
  • Explaining the forecast to a governing board.
  • Keep the forecast rolling  ....................


  • Small groups or individuals analyze local data sets, so they can leave the workshop with a student population forecast for each school represented in the workshop and the district.
  • Data entry.
  • Analysis techniques
  • Interpretation of the forecast.
  • Pitfalls in forecasting.
  • How frequently should we make a forecast?

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