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Concept Design & Capital Project Planning Activities

The TPEG provides a fast-paced and informative preview of planning a capital project for your organization.  We welcome organizations of all sizes (business, health care, recreation, public schools, independent schools, and faith-based organizations).  The pre-planning and pre-design activity may be experienced in one 2.5  hour interactive meeting with leaders and stakeholders.

Pre-design and planning activities:   

  • An interactive discussion on sound planning premises.
  • Importance of environmentally friendly facilities (Green).
  • How a philosophy of work, teaching, or learning suggests certain goals for facility design.
  • A comprehensive review of research-based examples of design patterns that influence Behavior, Attitude, and Learning. 
  •  A TPEG representative guides clients through activities leading to a specific concept design based on organizational goals.
  • The outcome is a detailed, research-based, illustration of what the clients want the facility to be.

These activities illustrate sound planning and design principles in developing capital projects.

What is the need for a pre-design and pre-planning forum? 

Many organizations do not employ a staff member who can devote 100% of his/her time to facilities planning. 

The TPEG provides a wide spectrum of service to supplement or replace the slot in an organization normally devoted to facilities planning. 

Facilities engineering and planning depends on valid and reliable group process methods.  The TPEG highly recommends the process of planning through stakeholder participation.

Through the TPEG's engineering and planning process, leaders and stakeholders acquire the right information for beginning and maintaining a capital project

With our process, the stakeholders get their facilities needs met according to sound research, planning, and design principles, without having to pay a salary and benefits to a full-time person on their staff, or paying excessive architectural fees. 

We deal with the development of work, health care, recreational, or educational functions (the things that go on in the facility) before we hire an architect to work on form. 

Function before Form, always!

Three Ways to Schedule a Pre-Design and Planning Round Table Seminar:

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